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Holistic healing is the assistance of the body's natural ability to heal itself. Wellness is influenced by biochemical and energetic manifestations of our state of mind, stress for example. The body's natural self-repair mechanisms only fully function in relaxation. Together, we work to balance these influences, bringing the body back toward a homeostatic state, or equilibrium, so that the body can take care of itself.

Customize Every Session


All sessions begin with an informal meeting to discuss current lifestyle and desired goals. Together we develop a treatment plan incorporating bodywork, energy techniques, and/or other wellness therapies for each session.

About Dani 


​Dani's true passion has always been in health care. Shortly after achieving her Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences she began to explore ways to provide a safe and natural way to help people heal and enjoy vibrant health.

Incorporating bodywork and energy techniques,  Dani works with her clients to encourage wellness of the body, mind, and spirit.

South Reno
The Alexander

Enhancing A Natural Approach Toward Wellness

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