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Massage Services



All sessions begin with an informal meeting to discuss current lifestyle and desired goals. Together we develop a treatment plan incorporating any or all of the following for each Healing Session.

"Health is not merely the absence of disease. It is the balance of body, mind, and spirit." 

B.J. Palmer


Offering multiple massage options from Classic Swedish to Deep Tissue. We aim to provide a tailored experience to best serve your needs.

Back Massage

Therapeutic Massage

60/$90 . 75/$105 . 90/$120

Massage therapy is the manual manipulation of soft body tissues; muscle, connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments. It helps relieve the stress and tension of everyday living that can lead to disease and illness. Massage can be used for specific reasons, such as relief from pain, stress reduction, or enhancement of athletic performance. Whether there is a specific goal or not, massage therapy is known to increase general health and wellbeing.

Smiling Pregnant Woman

Prenatal Massage

60/$90 . 75/$105 . 90/$120

Who is more deserving of a massage than expecting mothers? This type of massage allows mama and baby a safe and relaxing experience specific to positioning needs and knowledge of acupressure points to enhance the goals of the expecting mother's session.

Head Massage

Energy Work

30/$45 . 45/$65 . 60/$85 . 75/$105

Energy healing uses very light or near-body touch to influence the energy field that penetrates and surrounds the body. The goal is to purposefully use the energetic interaction between the practitioner and the client to restore harmony to the client's energy system. Techniques include Reiki, Healing Touch, Polarity Therapy, Intuitive reading, Chakra & Biofield assessment and cleansing.


Energetic Awakening & Empowerment


Learn to take control of your energetic space. This instructional service will teach you to hold, clean and protect your space energetically. These tools are especially helpful if you ever find yourself stressed out, overly emotional, overwhelmed in crowds, or absorbing other people's stress, emotions or symptoms. Feel more grounded, present and focused than you ever have before.

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