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Masterson Method: Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork

What is Bodywork?

Bodywork refers to hands-on therapies that release accumulated muscle tension.

Why Would My Horse Need Bodywork?

  • It is used to improve performance and comfort in all horses: those who compete in high-performance sports, casual competitors and backyard companions.

  • Relieves muscular tension and inflammation associated with work and training.

  • Releases compensation patterns that lead to tension developing in other parts of the body.

  • Reduces discomfort and decreases resistance behavior, making handling and training easier and less frustrating for both you and your horse.

What is The Masterson Method?

The Masterson Method is a method of bodywork that:

  • Works with the horse, not on the horse.

  • Recognizes changes in body language that tell:

  • where the horse is holding tension

  • when the tension has released

  • when a performance-limiting issue might be developing

  • Is not chiropractic but can be used successfully with chiropractic.

  • Addresses multiple bodywork targets: muscular, skeletal, myofascial and energetic.

  • Teaches owners techniques they can use to help their horses supple and sound.

How the Masterson Method Works to Improve Comfort and Performance

  • Masterson Method techniques work with the horse's parasympathetic nervous system to release tension in deeper core and postural muscles, allowing the horse's spine to realign naturally

  • Gentle techniques release tension in key junctions of the body:

  • poll-atlas

  • neck-shoulder-withers

  • sacroiliac

  • back

  • When core tension is released the muscles of the horse's body can fully extend and contract, increasing range of motion in the joints controlled by those muscles.

  • Increased range of motion improves length and evenness of stride, lateral reach and overall gymnastic ability.

  • The suppleness and strength needed for proper collection, bend, impulsion and core ability to lift through the withers and back are enhanced.

  • Physical resistance that leads to bracing is reduced or eliminated and resistance behavior subsides. The horse become happier and more willing.

When your horse is physically able to succeed in what you are asking of him, training is easier and less frustrating for you and your horse!



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