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Energetic Awakening & Empowerment

Feel more grounded, present and in tune with your body than you ever have before.

This comprehensive service will teach you to hold, clean and protect your space energetically.

If you find yourself

  • Stressed out

  • Overly emotional

  • Overwhelmed in crowds

  • Overeating to cope with stress

  • Absorbing other people's stress, emotions, or symptoms

This new service will help you

  • Interact with, rather than react to, your surroundings

  • Associate physical symptoms with emotional/energetic causes

  • Call back lost energy

  • Remove foreign energy from your personal space or "bubble"

  • Keep a healthy barrier while interacting with others

"Dani has created the perfect tranquil environment to learn about Energy Healing. She used many different techniques to find out what areas I needed the most work on. She also taught me a very in depth way to meditate and gave me other tools I can use while in the comfort of my own home. The healing touch session left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I definitely recommend this service!"



Enhancing A Natural Approach Toward Wellness

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