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See You Soon

“Our energy, vigor, and inner strength increase as we progress on the spiritual path. When we exercise our dynamic wisdom - guided will, break old habits and patterns, take new positive actions, and move through obstacles - our fortitude grows. But nothing brings such strength as the will to love.”  Ellen Grace O'Brien

Transformation to Motherhood

I will be taking Maternity Leave beginning February 2023 for an undetermined amount of time. 

I will update this page with information of when and where I will be receiving clients again.

I will also be sending out an email, so if you have been a client of mine and I have your email address keep an eye out for this information. If you would be a new client and would like to receive an email when I am returning please text 775-391-8288 with your first and last name and email address and I will add you to my list.

Any other inquiries or friendly checking in can also be made through the above number, though I can't promise a speedy response as feeding, diapering and napping are going to be my main priorities for a while.

I look forward to seeing you [again] soon!!

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